Thursday, September 08, 2005

SOLD OUT-Grateful Dead "Fillmore West 1969-The Complete Recordings"-SOLD OUT

That's right. This set is sold out. If you are trigger shy like me then you missed out before it was even available in stores. 10,000 copies sold out in pre-order. 10,000.

The Grateful Dead's "Fillmore West 1969-The Complete Recordings" was a holy grail of sorts for those fans of the Dead in their era mating the wild psychedelic workouts like Dark Star with their newfound songwriting skills. The seminal album "Live / Dead" was culled from concerts represented in this set, from four shows in late Feb and early March 1969.

I emailed customer service and pleaded with them over the phone. They will be releasing a three-disc distillation of this set this fall, but I was looking forward to hearing what was the building blocks of one of my favorite albums of all time -- the aforementioned "Live / Dead."

Here was my plea:


I am more than sad about hearing the news that this set has sold out.I tried placing a pre-Order last Friday, but I was unable to get through on the telephone, for some unknown reason.

Is there any chance of getting in on a after-the-fact order? Given the speed at which this sold out, will this be issued again in a non-limited edition? It seems that enough people were clammoring for the release that it would have sold well on the market.

I think that issuing this set on a non-limited basis would be more consistent with the spirit of sharing the music that the Grateful Dead so long championed. I know tapes of this music are around, but only issuing it to a select 10,000 people in superior HDCD fidelity breaks my heart. I am not involved in the trader / taper community; I have been relying on Dick's Picks and related legit releases for all of my live Dead releases. Please don't disappoint by capping this set at 10,000!

In closing, I must say that the first Dead I ever heard was Live/Dead. It changed my life. Really. I was looking forward to the opportunity to hear the whole shows behind what was a seminal point in my music listening life. Please help!

Desperate Deadhead,

Maybe I can sell a kidney and buy it on eBay when one of those speculators sells. Damn.

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