Friday, December 09, 2005

Dandy Warhols live 12-7-2005!

This was a killer show.

More weed was smoked around me than when I went to the Wailers concert earlier this year. I could taste it when I left. Geez.

Courtney Taylor Taylor stuck to playing his hollow-body Fender guitar, whilst the other guitar slinger in the band switched between each song. He had all sorts of things - a Fender Jaguar, Gibson SG, etc. Zia McCabe [the hot key-bass and tabourine / maraca player] stood right in front of us, shaking the instruments.

I was quite surprised how many of the tunes I knew. I am quite familiar with their album from the late 90s that featured thier big hit "Not if you were the last junkie on earth"; they played a few tunes from that one included the somewhat obligatory "Minnesoter." Love that one.

Over two hours they played. That seems like a marathon for a non-jam band. Two thumbs up.

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12CC said...

Great photo. Great show!