Friday, April 14, 2006

Totally Sweet Custom Guitar Nut

After watching a fab DVD from Netflix titled African Guitar I was compelled to pull my own guitar off of the wall. I put the capo on the sixth fret and played for a while as I sat on the deck. Lovely. That is until I took the capo off. Snap. I busted the nut.

Being the preiswert guy that I am, rather than paying some professional to repair it, I thought I might be able to do it myself. I took a piece of the miraculous DuPont Corian material, and began shaping it into a new nut with the rotary tool laying right behind the vise.

I then marked the string spacing.

I used the wife's jeweler's files to do the fine cutting.

Details of the files and other tools.

Detail of the finished product, next to the old broken one.

After much sanding and finish-fitting, and then final adjustment, the new nut looks just like the old. But not broken. I win this round, guitar.

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melissaanddaisy said...

Clint, I laughed out loud..."I won this round, guitar!" VERY FUNNY. Who knew Savage Hogg was not only a killer rock band...but funny too!