Sunday, March 26, 2006

B.G. "Move Around"

I saw this video on the MTV Jams channel. B.G., a.k.a. B. Gizzle is one of the crafters of a distinct style of hip-hop specific to New Orleans.

Whilst cleaving to the standard hip-hop tropes of bling, sex and power, B.G. and producer Mannie Fresh have also noted and seamlessly integrated the flooding that occured as a result of hurricane Katrina. Note these sample verses:

I'm representin the blocks from the east to the west (west)
It ain't no secret, down south is the shit (down south)
Yeah, New Orleans gone, yeah, New Orleans fucked (fucked)
But wherever we go you gotta deal wit us (deal wit it)

It is also noted more explicitly in the next verse:

We gon have the rap game back on lock (on lock)
I'm a real "G", career ain't near over
Got flooded, still representin VL and Magnolia (VL)
Still represent the whole New Orleans

The video itself contains footage of some of the aftermath of some of the hardest hit areas.

Again, hip-hop proves to be a chronicle of the times.

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